Build beautiful campaigns

faster, easier, better

Evomail's editing environment is the easiest and most flexible on the market.

EasyEditor, our drag & drop email creation tool, ensures you get the look and feel of your campaigns just right. Working naturally alongside your existing systems, it allows you to personalize the campaign to each customer – for example, by including recommendations based on their past purchases.

Organize your data

One segment at a time

With Evomail you can build sophisticated segments in seconds.

Whatever type of data you have on them – geographical, transactional or behavioral - we have simple, easy to use tools that allow you to segment them with more precision.

Automated Marketing

Automatically Brilliant

Evomail helps you connect with prospective, engaged and lapsed customers.

These essential tools quickly and easily help you drive more revenue from your customer’s journey, locking in loyalty and advocacy. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Responsive templates.

Devised for every device.

Build your own stunning, bespoke campaign variations, in minutes. Create mobile-ready campaigns yourself.

Marry with Magento

Built to work together

Engage your customers and increase sales with Evomail – a marketing automation platform built to work perfectly with Magento. It’s powerful and easy to use, so you achieve great results quickly.

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