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There are oodles of articles on the Internet confirming that the printed catalogue is very much alive. Two pieces of recent research in PrintPower magazine only serve to confirm this. The first states that shoppers in the UK are amongst the most digitally engaged in the world, yet catalogues still form a vital part of their retail journey and are used more than smartphones and tablets, when making a purchase.

The second confirms that 58% of online shoppers browse printed catalogues for ideas and 31% have a retailer's catalogue to hand when making an online order. The article goes on to say that when companies stop mailing catalogues, consumers simply stop ordering.  A catalogue represents a tactile experience and stays around, whether in the office or on a table at home, long after the consumer has moved on from the online channels.

If you don't subscribe to PrintPower, do so.  It's a high quality, quarterly read packed with interesting and relevant articles and information on everything print related.

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