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A new report from Retail Week and Mood Media takes a look at how our senses help to drive sales and why, in an increasingly digital world, we crave real-life touch and feel experiences.  The writers interviewed over 2,000 consumers of all age groups together with senior retail directors and store managers. It concludes:

  •           The ability to touch, feel and try the product is still a priority reason to visit a physical store. Younger generations are partly influenced by the way  shops look, feel, smell and sound.
  •        How consumers feel about hearing music while they shop. Predictably under 30s like it, over 45s not so.
  • What the future could hold for high street stores and how human interactions and sensory experiences should be integral to retail strategies.
  • The 18-24 age group predicts it will be better off and spending more in store in 2017

You can download the full report here.