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Senior Account Manager, Julia Elwick, was bowled over when she unexpectedly received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from new client, The Fold, one cold Tuesday morning in January. The previous Friday, she had been in London at the first proof meeting for their 52-page Spring catalogue. Amendments were due back with The Fold on Monday before being uploaded to the printer for Tuesday.

However, on the journey back to the office with the corrections, the printer insisted on files being uploaded on Saturday. Therefore all corrections and approvals needed to be completed that same Friday night.

With the help of the Friday night staff at ec2i, and the client patiently waiting for PDFs to approve, we finally had approval and completed on all spreads by 12.30am Saturday morning.

Files were then uploaded soon after so the printer had these in time for Saturday.

As the client said: “Thank you for going above and beyond on Friday for us”.

Just another day and night at ec2i - but the flowers were a lovely bonus!