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How Images with a Twist of Motion are Reviving Tired Marketing Campaigns

Over the past year cinemagraph has emerged as the must-have feature to add to marketing campaigns.  So what is it exactly?  Basically, it combines a still shot with a subtle moving element to transform a photo into a more realistic, attractive and life-like image!

We can create a series of cinemagraphs to use across all your digital platforms:

E-mail marketing – so your content comes alive in the in-box.  Use them in -

Win back campaigns for lapsed users
Welcome e-mails to surprise new prospects
Abandon basket or confirmation e-mails to entertain loyal customers
Social media and blogs with auto-play features to put the spotlight on a new product feature or element and raise awareness of key new styles.
Digital displays: include a moving image and watch people do a double take:

Use in store
On advertising hoardings
On roadshows, exhibitions, conferences

Website: moving banners have been shown to significantly drive higher click-thru rates than still images

Take a look at further examples here:http://www.ec2i.biz/videos-gifs

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