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Here’s yet another brilliant and insightful document from the Royal Mail’s MarketReach portal that is free to download. It’s a collection of thoughts by some of the UK’s leading business minds, all offering unique insights into the strengths of mail in an increasingly digital age.

“Eighty-five percent of our core audience say that print is their number one influencer…Print isn’t dead – far from it. It gives us authority, tangibility and longevity.” Tess Macleod Smith, Vice president of Publishing & Media, Net-a-Porter on the success of their Porter magazine.

“With mail you get to touch it, feel it, see the quality and smell the paper. That is evocative, and it can’t be achieved by pixels.” Tim Lindsay, CEO, D&AD

“You can’t replicate the delight of holding something like a brochure in your hands. The same applies to mail.” Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness, Adam & Eve DDB

“A screen can’t compete with the warmth and richness of paper… One of our printed publications increased propensity to book by 50%. That’s how powerful print can be.” Jae Hopkins, Marketing Director, Exodus Travels.