Flowers for going Above & Beyond

Senior Account Manager, Julia Elwick, was bowled over when she unexpectedly received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from new client, The Fold, one cold Tuesday morning in January. The previous Friday, she had been in London at the first proof meeting for their 52-page Spring catalogue. Amendments were due back with The Fold on Monday before being uploaded to the printer for Tuesday.

However, on the journey back to the office with the corrections, the printer insisted on files being uploaded on Saturday. Therefore all corrections and approvals needed to be completed that same Friday night.

With the help of the Friday night staff at ec2i, and the client patiently waiting for PDFs to approve, we finally had approval and completed on all spreads by 12.30am Saturday morning.

Files were then uploaded soon after so the printer had these in time for Saturday.

As the client said: “Thank you for going above and beyond on Friday for us”.

Just another day and night at ec2i - but the flowers were a lovely bonus!

Merry Christmas!

We work hard... we party hard... some of us until 04.00am the following day!  Spot the bosses, spot the unlikely party animals (the table is a clue), spot the rising stars (there's a few of em).  And here's what The Sandbar said after our second year of taking over their upstairs floor..."Thank you so much ec2i for your custom – your company was a joy to look after – such lovely lovely people – makes our job all the more enjoyable".  That's the seret to our success... such lovely, lovely people. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and peaceful New Year if you are reading this!

From Still... to Life!

How Images with a Twist of Motion are Reviving Tired Marketing Campaigns

Over the past year cinemagraph has emerged as the must-have feature to add to marketing campaigns.  So what is it exactly?  Basically, it combines a still shot with a subtle moving element to transform a photo into a more realistic, attractive and life-like image!

We can create a series of cinemagraphs to use across all your digital platforms:

E-mail marketing – so your content comes alive in the in-box.  Use them in -

Win back campaigns for lapsed users
Welcome e-mails to surprise new prospects
Abandon basket or confirmation e-mails to entertain loyal customers
Social media and blogs with auto-play features to put the spotlight on a new product feature or element and raise awareness of key new styles.
Digital displays: include a moving image and watch people do a double take:

Use in store
On advertising hoardings
On roadshows, exhibitions, conferences

Website: moving banners have been shown to significantly drive higher click-thru rates than still images

Take a look at further examples here:

Interested? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Increase Sales with Mail

Here’s yet another brilliant and insightful document from the Royal Mail’s MarketReach portal that is free to download. It’s a collection of thoughts by some of the UK’s leading business minds, all offering unique insights into the strengths of mail in an increasingly digital age.

“Eighty-five percent of our core audience say that print is their number one influencer…Print isn’t dead – far from it. It gives us authority, tangibility and longevity.” Tess Macleod Smith, Vice president of Publishing & Media, Net-a-Porter on the success of their Porter magazine.

“With mail you get to touch it, feel it, see the quality and smell the paper. That is evocative, and it can’t be achieved by pixels.” Tim Lindsay, CEO, D&AD

“You can’t replicate the delight of holding something like a brochure in your hands. The same applies to mail.” Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness, Adam & Eve DDB

“A screen can’t compete with the warmth and richness of paper… One of our printed publications increased propensity to book by 50%. That’s how powerful print can be.” Jae Hopkins, Marketing Director, Exodus Travels.

You've Got Mail

A reminder that Royal Mail’s “The Private Life of Mail”, a 66-page research report into how consumers interact with mail, is well worth a read. It includes loads of insightful information such as –

  • 39% of UK householders have a dedicated area where they put their mail.
  • 23% of all mail is shared between people in a household.
  • Mail is kept in a household on average for 38 days for door drops (catalogues).
  • 57% claim that receiving mail makes them feel more valued.
  • 60% said that the best mail advertising has a lasting effect.
  • 68% of respondents desired some communication by mail.

It concludes, after 18 months of research and analysis, that mail returns a strong ROI, similar in magnitude to TV and that most of us still like to touch and feel, even in this age of the Internet. There are other, equally useful and interesting reports, free to download, on the Mailmen website.