Summer in the City

A cool venue, good food, great company and summer sunshine added up to a great afternoon when we hosted a summer luncheon for a group of clients at The Geffrye museum of the home in London’s Shoreditch recently.

This fabulous Grade 1 venue gave our guests the opportunity to explore the home and home life from 1600 to the present day through a series of evocative period London living rooms. After that, it was drinks on the lawn followed by a late lunch in one of the beautiful period rooms.

Perhaps the best part of the day came later over drinks at the Beagle where clients and staff really relaxed and chilled until closing time. Many a story and ‘dare’ was regaled… but who remembers?!!

Sensory Shopping

A new report from Retail Week and Mood Media takes a look at how our senses help to drive sales and why, in an increasingly digital world, we crave real-life touch and feel experiences.  The writers interviewed over 2,000 consumers of all age groups together with senior retail directors and store managers. It concludes:

  •           The ability to touch, feel and try the product is still a priority reason to visit a physical store. Younger generations are partly influenced by the way  shops look, feel, smell and sound.
  •        How consumers feel about hearing music while they shop. Predictably under 30s like it, over 45s not so.
  • What the future could hold for high street stores and how human interactions and sensory experiences should be integral to retail strategies.
  • The 18-24 age group predicts it will be better off and spending more in store in 2017

You can download the full report here.

Retail 2017 – how the sector’s leaders are approaching the year ahead

The candid views of 25 chief executives of the UK’s largest retailers can be shared in Retail Week’s latest report, Retail 2017.

Despite uncertain times, 50% say they are erring towards driving growth (compared with 40% in 2015). Best growth prospects are projected to be technology and home improvements with food and fashion proving the most challenging. However, sportswear and the continuing trend towards athleisure offers growth potential together with beauty products.

Mobile was the top priority back in 2015 but for 2017 retailers are spreading their investment across the board with mobile just one consideration.

Despite Brexit, Trump and the volatility of the £, international expansion plans have risen dramatically from just 4% in 2015 up to 56% this year.

You can download the full report here.

Flowers for going Above & Beyond

Senior Account Manager, Julia Elwick, was bowled over when she unexpectedly received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from new client, The Fold, one cold Tuesday morning in January. The previous Friday, she had been in London at the first proof meeting for their 52-page Spring catalogue. Amendments were due back with The Fold on Monday before being uploaded to the printer for Tuesday.

However, on the journey back to the office with the corrections, the printer insisted on files being uploaded on Saturday. Therefore all corrections and approvals needed to be completed that same Friday night.

With the help of the Friday night staff at ec2i, and the client patiently waiting for PDFs to approve, we finally had approval and completed on all spreads by 12.30am Saturday morning.

Files were then uploaded soon after so the printer had these in time for Saturday.

As the client said: “Thank you for going above and beyond on Friday for us”.

Just another day and night at ec2i - but the flowers were a lovely bonus!

Merry Christmas!

We work hard... we party hard... some of us until 04.00am the following day!  Spot the bosses, spot the unlikely party animals (the table is a clue), spot the rising stars (there's a few of em).  And here's what The Sandbar said after our second year of taking over their upstairs floor..."Thank you so much ec2i for your custom – your company was a joy to look after – such lovely lovely people – makes our job all the more enjoyable".  That's the seret to our success... such lovely, lovely people. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and peaceful New Year if you are reading this!